Softball practice and coaching

GymPress was founded by Craig Olson in the year 2009. The main aim of GymPress is to focus on the benefits of fitness rather than luxuries that many other gyms in the country have to offer.
Craig has years of experience in the gym business, being a personal trainer and sportsperson himself. He first started his gym when he retired from international sports.

His gym became a roaring success because of their approach to fitness. The gym is committed to its members and receives flattering reviews not just from its peers but its competitors and their members too.

Over the year, Craig has worked hard to provide its members with the best of facilities so that they can work in a competitive environment that they can draw motivation from. He hires only the best trainers to ensure that the members get exactly what they are paying for. Craig is focussing on expanding his gym as it has seen a surge in its membership lately.
Craig Olson continues to oversee the working of the gym and to ensure that the members can achieve their dream body the right way and not fall prey to the gimmicks of other luxurious gyms offering quick results.